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The Team


Richard Hornbaker

Founder, CTO

Richard is truly a self-made man with numerous IT certifications and a successful career with such organizations as America West Airlines, American Express, ON Semiconductor, and Cisco Systems.  He is a highly versatile technologist and the muscle behind our products.


Brian Curcio

Founder, CPO

Brian also brings a broad set of skills and experience in IT technology and management at GoDaddy, Charles Schwab, Compuware, and various consulting organizations.  He specializes in application and IT infrastructure monitoring and has a passion for applying data analytics to machine data.

Male Portrait

Kenneth Wolfrum

Data Scientist

Kenneth is a recent graduate of Purdue University with major in Business Analytics. He is helping Maasiv apply data science and data visualization to the metrics we collect to drive incredible business value.

The Team: Team
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